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Its going to be a White Christmas!

  Slush Puppie will for the first time ever be launching a unique Christmas flavour for the festive season. New Frosty Berry is not just our first Christmas flavour we have ever released, it’s also our first ever all White Slush Puppie. It taste’s like juicy winter berry’s  and is as white as snow. The launch […]

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Slush Puppie gets a NEW Spooktastic Flavour

Its time to get spooky! The month of all things spooky, kooky and witchy woo will soon be upon us and so Slush Puppie have now officially launched our Halloween flavour; Toffee Apple aka Frog Slime Slush Surprise. This great new flavour is slime green and offers a sweet Toffee Apple flavour to celebrate this spooktastic […]

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Slush Puppie celebrates living wage commitment

Slush Puppie Ltd became an accredited Living Wage employer, meaning that all its 89 UK employees, regardless of whether they are permanent employees or third-party contractors, receive a minimum hourly wage of at least £8.45 and £9.75 in London. Both these rates are significantly higher than the statutory minimum for over 25s of £7.50 per […]

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NEW Slush Puppie Flavour Treats are Here!

Grab yourself a NEW 2017 Slush Puppie Classic Flavour and give your customers a TREAT! New for 2017 Slush Puppie Flavour treats, 4 great NEW flavours tested and chosen by Slush Puppie consumers, so they are sure to be a hit with all your customers. So hurry place your order today! All first orders of one […]

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Strawberry and Kiwi springs back into action as a NEW permanent Tango Ice Blast flavour this Easter holidays!

Strawberry and Kiwi NEW Tango Ice Blast Strawberry and Kiwi springs back into action to all Showcase, Reel, Light, Scott and AMC Cinema’s as a NEW permanent Tango Ice Blast flavour this Easter holidays! Following on from the success of Tango Ice Blast’s Flavour Festival campaign last year, consumers have voted for the kicking ‘Strawberry […]

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Party with Slush Puppie!

Its here!! the all NEW Slush Puppie Raspberry Roadster mobile Slush Puppie unit available for all your party and event needs! You can now invite Slush Puppie to your parties and events, with this amazing new fully kitted out Smart Car, which comes fully branded, and equipped with two freezers, so you can offer 4 amazing Slush […]

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The Coca-Cola Company has selected Slush Puppie Ltd – Europe’s Frozen Drink Expert’s – to partner with on the roll-out of Fanta® Frozen across several European countries.

The Coca-Cola Company will roll-out the global brand Fanta®, in a frozen carbonated format in Belgium, The Netherlands, France, Sweden, and Denmark initially, with the support of European Frozen Drinks Experts Slush Puppie Ltd. Further countries will follow in a later stage. Fanta® sits among the biggest beverage brands in the world and Fanta® Frozen […]

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Bone Cup Mania Across Europe

The Slush Puppie Bone Cup is this summers number one hit, but with consumer demand at an all time high and limited availability, make sure you get your order’s in today. The Bone Cup which is unique to Slush Puppie and loved by all our drinkers across Europe, has seen unprecedented demand off the back […]

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New Frutina Fruit Rush!

Slush Puppie expands its Frutina product range to meet growing consumer demand for Juice based iced crystal drinks. Slush Puppie Ltd has launched its new Frutina Fruit Rush product across Europe. Frutina Fruit Rush is a revolutionary newly developed ice crystal drink, that offers no artificial colours, natural flavours, no added sugar, real fruit juice, […]

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Come & Meet the Slush Puppie at his favourite summer vacation locations!!

The Slush Puppie has decided to go on vacation this summer to some of his favourite holiday spots. The Slushalicious Slush Puppie Truck is packed and he is on the road, with lots of Slush Puppie goodies to share with his friends he meets along the way. The Slush Puppie will be visiting some of his […]

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