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Strawberry and Kiwi springs back into action as a NEW permanent Tango Ice Blast flavour this Easter holidays!

Strawberry and Kiwi NEW Tango Ice Blast

Strawberry and Kiwi springs back into action to all Showcase, Reel, Light, Scott and AMC Cinema’s as a

NEW permanent Tango Ice Blast flavour this Easter holidays!

Following on from the success of Tango Ice Blast’s Flavour Festival campaign last year, consumers have voted for the kicking ‘Strawberry and Kiwi’ as flavour of choice to be launched as a NEW permanent line into cinemas for 2016!

Tango Ice Blast’s summer 2015 campaign, Flavour Festival, was a social media led campaign allowing fans to post in exciting new flavours. Tango Ice Blast’s online fan community narrowed this down to three tantalising flavours to be launched throughout Summer; Citrus Burst, Tropical and Strawberry and Kiwi flavour Tango Ice Blast which was then launched into VUE, ODEON, Empire, Reel and Showcase cinemas.

Fans and cinema consumers experienced the three NEW flavours throughout June – August 2015, who actively commented around the different flavours via social media, writing in there reviews and photos of the new flavours. On top of this, Tango Ice Blast team toured the UK in their Flavour Festival wagon with the aim to bring flavour to the heart of the cinema, handing out flavours UK wide. Overall, the creamy Strawberry and Kiwi flavour had an extremely positive response, not only voted favourite Tango Ice Blast Flavour Festival flavour with 89% majority vote via Tango Ice Blast’s online community but also obtained a strong response from sampling activity with“95% of consumers who tried Strawberry and Kiwi in sampling activity, would purchase the flavour again”. (Agent 41, August 2015).

So this Easter, don’t forget to head into a cinema near you to see what all this fuss is about and you will be sure to experience the fruity tantalizing taste of Strawberry and Kiwi Tango Ice Blast!

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